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Home Rottweiler sign


Beautiful Rottweiler sign — A house is not a Home without a Rottweiler. A great decoration gift for any room. Old classic in Meinarland design.

Rottweiler Tote Bag


Rottweiler tote bag. Premium eco-friendly shopping bag. The bag is made of high-quality cotton. A perfect gift for a dog lover. Durable & heavy-duty.

Rottweiler Statue with Bronze Finish


A hand-crafted gypsum statue of a Rottweiler head. Captured in great detail and finished in bronze colour. This piece will be a perfect choice for a Rottweiler breed lover to decorate both the working and living space.

With love and dedication to the breed

All of our accessories are created with

Quality comes first

Every product we create is original, handmade, and of top quality. We only create things we would enjoy owning ourselves. 

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We strive to deliver worldwide. So if your location is far away, reach out to us and we will find a way to ship it to you.


We believe in helping those in need. This is why we share 10% of the profit with organizations that help homeless animals.

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